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Climb & Conquer: Professional Google Ads Management

Ad campaigns that cost less
and make more.

Using our Climb & Conquer Foundation Ads strategy.

How most Ads agencies work

Most PPC agencies push you for as much spend as you can afford.
They’ll then pump your money into countless numbers of ads, justifying it as ‘testing’.
They’ll say you must do this to spend, learn, and adapt.
But all this means is you’ve wasted thousands of pounds discovering thousands of ways that don’t work.

How Climb & Conquer works

Instead of spending big, the first thing we look to do is make big savings really quickly.

We’ll stop wasted spend and take a more conservative approach – starting small and building on what works.

Yes, this takes a little longer, but it’s more controlled and means you waste way less money in the long run.

From there, we’ll look to beat our performance every month.

Live Statistics from Client Sites

Last updated: June, 2024

One of our clients, who operate in the jewellery sector, will receive a report this month showing over 400% uplift in organic clicks. This is over 70,000 additional clicks year on year!

A client will hear about an uplift of 65% in organic clicks this month - they operate in the educational sector on a high ticket product.

A large pet retailer has learnt this month that we've been able to reduce their spend by 23% on Google Ads whilst also increasing their revenue by over 25%.

A well-known UK fashion brand will hear that we've grown their non-branded ROAS by over 500% in their first month of using Climb and Conquer!

Why Climb & Conquer?

Updates on demand 💡 Real-time tracking.

Log into your project dashboard and see our team working on your project in real time.

  • Read raw communication between the team.
  • See unfiltered discussions & updates.
  • See exactly what we’re working on for the next 12 weeks.

We don’t have account managers, so the person you speak to is the person working on your website!

Example Google Ads Strategy Planning Board

Forget ROAS 🚀
 We care about profit on ad spend.

We understand the impact your PPC campaigns have on your bottom line because we become an expert in your business and industry.

It’s why we won’t push low gross profit products just to make our ROI look good.

Everything we do is commercially aligned and profit-driven.

Google Ads GP Table

Custom reports 📈
 Transparent data you actually understand.

We’re not here to bombard you with reports filled with jargon.

Instead, tell us what you’d like to track and we’ll build an easy-to-understand dashboard to report only on those things.

These could be certain keywords or revenue growth – anything you like.

Google Ads Custom Reports

ROI or bye 👋
 No contracts.

You’re not tied into a contract, so in the unlikely event we’re not getting you results after 90 days, you can end our agreement.

We live and die by our results and if we’re not delivering a trackable and positive ROI, we’d never expect you to stay.

Breakdown of Shopify Sales for Ads

Let’s see how much ROI your ads could be making 👇

And see how much money we could save you!

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Bonuses of working with us: (aside from great results)

High Performance

We live & die by our results. We don’t count growth until it’s over 30% (most agencies start at 0%).

No Contracts

If we’re not getting results (very unlikely), all we need is 30 days’ notice to wrap things up.


We’re competitive (on average £150 less per day than local agencies) because we’re a fully remote team without huge overheads.

No account managers

The person you speak to is the SEO/PPC expert working on your business growth.


Your expert works on a maximum of four clients per month, which means they have time to always get the job done properly.

Commercially aligned

We’ll challenge you on how you’ll handle the increased orders and traffic to make sure you’re ready for growth.

More work. Less reports

Instead of spending too long on audits and reports, we focus most of our time on implementing actual changes.

Experts in your industry

Your SEO or PPC expert will become an expert in your industry, so you’ll feel like you’re talking to a colleague.

We genuinely care

Our aim is to care more about your results and performance than you do. It’s a big claim, but try us.

Let’s talk about pricing...

“What’s your budget for this project?”

This is often the first question you’re asked by an SEO or PPC agency – and it’s the wrong one. It’s our job to put a Google ad strategy together based on your goals and business growth plans.

If you wanted to spend £3,000 a month and we couldn’t justify that spend, we wouldn’t take it. Call us bad businesspeople if you like, but we’re committed to spending wisely and getting you a maximum ROI.

Yes, a healthy budget can speed up the process (in some cases) but not always.

Brands we have helped or work with (white background)

What happens next?

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  2. Discovery Meeting

    Tell us your plans and goals.

  3. Strategy

    We’ll tell you what investment you need to make for us to achieve your goals.

  4. Kick Off

    We’ll get to work.

Ready to find out more?

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Some of our live work

What's more important is the results we can get your business but we understand sometimes you need to see our track record.

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Nutshell Apps Logo

Jack, Nutshell Apps

"Shane has been fundamental to our PPC efforts. He took the time to get under the hood of our business and strategise effectively. He’s fast, thorough and extremely knowledgeable."

RunRug Logo

Paul Walker, RunRug

"We just gotta take a moment to give major props to Shane Parkins. This guy has been working his magic on our SEO and PPC campaigns at Runrug, and let me tell you – he’s been nothing short of a game-changer!"

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Jade, NetXL

"The performance of our campaigns continues to improve with Shane on the job! Not only has he optimised our ADs to increase revenue, but he has taken a genuine interest in the company and portfolio. He always goes the extra mile, no matter the task, and has been a pleasure to work with. I would 100% recommend him if you're looking to get the most out of your Google budget."